3 Tips to Up the Game with Your Testimonial Videos

Testimonial Content that Grows Your Engagement

Testimonial videos have long been a proven method for brands to gain traction with new and existing prospects. 

After all, who better to sing the praises of your offerings than those who already use them? From blurbs on your website and social channels, to custom videos featuring your clients; testimonials are a great way to bring focus to you.

But how can you make sure that your testimonials fit in with the rest of your brand materials? After all, its easier to design a concept around a brand vision video or a commercial. It’s less easy when you are dealing with a client and their use of your product. 

To help you out, here are 3 simple tips that will help you in your approach to testimonial videos in 2019!

Weaponize Your Testimonial Videos with Story

Story can be used anywhere… and it should. When used well story can disarm a cynical audience and make them forget that they are watching what amounts to an advertisement for your product.

In the context of a testimonial video, a story places your customers and clients as the hero… and who doesn’t want to be a hero?

Additionally, by telling a story, you get away from the point-of-view of telling WHAT you do and you transition to the position of telling WHY you do it. And this is much more powerful. If you haven’t seen Simon Sinek’s fantastic TED Talk on this subject, do so now: Simon Sinek

Here is an amazing example from tech giant Google that uses a testimonial from one of their users:

See! Tutorial videos, provided by Google, saved a town!

Rather than interviewing a few people and asking them, point-blank, what was so great about YouTube and their platform, Google weaponized story and ended up making you love them for it. 

So… what is your customer’s story and how can you tell it?

Get Stylish with Your Testimonial Videos

As someone who watches a lot of corporate videos for research, I must tell you, talking head videos are boorish. 

The template of filming stakeholders and then editing in shots of the office is not doing your brand any favors.

If you want to stand out in the minds of your prospects you need to present content that is as polished and engaging as the finest of your other brand materials.

Get creative!

Interview your subjects in interesting locations. Investigate interesting camera angles and shots. Have the edit feature cool cuts and music. Introduce motion graphics and design to give the piece an eclectic and non-traditional feel.

Here are two different testimonial videos that each feature a different tone and emotion. Yet, each gives their brand a distinctive voice and unique place within the testimonial ecosystem.

Whether you’re trying to come across as one of the largest underdogs in the tech world, or a network of highly- skilled and qualified experts in your field, testimonial videos can be a great way to dynamically tell your story to the world. 

The only question is, will people watch? 

If you take a creative approach and create a video that stylistically stands apart from the herd, you can be confident that you and your brand will be noticed.

Look beyond 2D with your Testimonial Videos

I have always been bullish on 360-degree video. I think that, when backed up with a good concept, the medium can have tremendous value for a brand. When measured against its 2D counterparts 360-degree video outperforms in nearly every metric – CTR, VCR, Heatmap, Video Views (Source: OmniVert)

Traditionally, 360 has been the purview of travel/tourism and entertainment brands. After all, it is a medium that is conducive to either putting on a headset or holding up your phone and looking all around you.

However, I think that there is a tremendous amount of opportunity in 360 as a mechanism for testimonial and talking head videos. As I have written about before regarding testimonial video content, there have been numerous cool and engaging examples of ways that interviews have been made incredibly dynamic through motion graphics and “spherical” iconography.

Imagine a client speaking about their experience with your product or service. Then, as they speak images, graphs, charts, videos… whatever begin popping up around the viewer that they can spin around and follow. The viewer won’t be able to zone out or lose interest in the topic because they will be actively engaged in the video!

Here is an example featuring an interview with Michelle Obama. The cool thing about this is that they also filmed this interview in traditional 2D so they also walked away with a regular interview to boot.

Wrapping Up

Testimonial videos are a fantastic way to remind existing customers and alert potential leads that you are the real deal; that your marketing isn’t just snake oil and that once you become a customer you will be happy and satisfied. 

However, it is important that you approach these videos with the same level of creativity and vision as you would any other brand initiative. With a little forethought and some inspirational elbow-grease you can turn that traditionally dry piece of marketing into something that will wow and impress.

Let Venture be your video production company and  provide you with some expertise and guidance as you make your way on your marketing journey. Whether its testimonial videos, brand videos, social media content, event content or more, we would love to be your partner. 

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