Event Video Production and Content

Conferences and events provide great opportunities for brands to use video production to engage their audiences and explain their products and services. 

Having a large-scale gathering of qualified leads in one area means that brands should take advantage of the myriad of opportunities that can exist through event video production and event video content.

Promotional Video Content for Your Event

Obviously, every company that is putting on an event wants it to be well-attended. The best way to do this is to build excitement early within your existing registration database, and build word-of-mouth through social media channels.

Video is the ideal medium to achieve these goals. Through event video content a brand can create a promo video that excitingly and energetically introduces the event, it’s speakers, the agenda, and schedule.

Here is an example of a promotional that we produced for one of our client’s, Scrum Alliance, and their semi-annual Global Gathering event.

Utilizing branded motion graphics imagery as well as b-roll from past events, we were able to produce a video that created a great deal of anticipation amongst the agile community. Additionally, we created several corresponding cuts and that ran on social channels such as YouTube, Linkedin, and Instagram.

Event Video Production Tactics: At-Event Production

Having a large group of qualified leads or engaged customers is a fantastic opportunity to gather event video content. However, these videos can go beyond just a traditional talking head or testimonial video

Conference attendees are not expecting to be answering questions, so you can truly get some fantastic, genuine answers. Go into your event video production with a plan, outline, and rough script, but also be agile enough to allow for off-the-cuff moments. 

As another example, here is a video that we put together featuring impromptu interviews with conference attendees. Essentially, we had a small corner set up for production, a few predetermined questions, and some props. From there we would ask attendees if we could ask them some questions and, occasionally, ask them to interact with a prop. Every now and then we would get a shy person but, all in all, we had some great conversations and some truly genuine moments on camera.

Not only does the client have these amazing, candid videos to use on their channels, but also a library of testimonial content that they can use for years to come. 

Virtual Events

Without a doubt, the events surrounding Covid-19 are going to fundamentally change the way brands have to interact with their customers regarding events and conferences. Large gatherings, for the most part, are going to transition to virtual or digital events. The question is, how can companies still provide an offering that produces the collaborative and community aspect of a conference, while still adhering to the regulations and safety measures required during this pandemic?

One option that we at Venture really like is a company called Brand Live

Event Video Production Option - Brand Live

Through the Brand Live platform, a brand can live-stream anything: a live talk, pre-recorded video, a training. This is all done through traditional live-streaming software such as Wirecast. However, the thing that makes Brand Live so unique is the collaboration modules that exist around the video. For instance, you can bring in modules that have live chat from those watching the stream. Or modules that have social feeds. Or even quizzes and polls. 

And, with Brand Live, all of this can live on your own branded site. 

So, imagine if you have a talk with a speaker or two and a moderator. You can be streaming the talk via Wirecast (live-editing between a couple cameras with lower-thirds). And, at the same time, be receiving questions from the audience who is watching from their computers at home. The moderator can be gathering the questions and then ask the speakers at an appropriate time.

While it certainly isn’t as good as everyone being in the same room, it is the next best thing!

Bring Live Event Video Production to Your Next Conference

Whether your event is in-person or virtual, video marketing can elevate it to the next level. Venture would love to be your video production company and work with you to ensure that you have everything that you need to make it a tremendous success. If you have any questions or want to get started on planning your next event production, give us a shout.

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