Healthcare Video Marketing: 5 Tips to Educate and Engage

Video Marketing for Healthcare

5 Ways Video Marketing Can Help

Healthcare is a very unique form of marketing. The consumers that are seeking out a brand or a service within the healthcare vertical are in a very unique and sensitive position. They are looking for something that is going to be directly tied into the health and well-being of them or someone close to them. That is a big deal. Emotions are involved. Big emotions. More emotions I would say than any other type of vertical within the marketing space. 

As such, it is tremendously important that the messaging and communications of the marketing be crafted in such a way it be personal, empathetic, easily accessible, and respectful to the consumer at all times. 

Video is an ideal format and medium that aligns with all of these goals. Through storytelling and a personal, on-camera relationship between consumers and your staff and providers, you can ensure that potential customers will form an early connection with your brand that will last deep into the relationship.  

Tell Your Patient Stories Through Video

Healthcare marketing should not focus on the illness, but about the cure. That is why healthcare video marketing is such a fantastic tool. With video you get the opportunity to have your own patients tell their stories in dramatic and engaging ways. 

Here is a fantastic example from Memorial Sloan Kettering.

This healthcare marketing video does two things incredibly well. The first is that it places the patients at the forefront of the story. There are no doctors. Memorial Sloan Kettering is only name-dropped once or twice. This is solely a tale of the journeys of these cancer-patients. 

The second is that it focuses on their advocacy for survival post-treatment. This video doesn’t feature chemo or surgery. It focuses on the hope and teamwork that comes post-cancer. The video is inspiring and rallying. If you are gearing up for the fight of your life, this video will make you want to learn more about the team at Memorial Sloan Kettering. 

Tell Your Own Stories With Video Marketing

Let’s put yourself in the shoes of someone looking for a hospital or a new doctor. Perhaps it is just for a new general practitioner, or maybe it is for a cardiologist or oncologist. Regardless, a great deal of care and focus is placed by the consumer in choosing who their healthcare provider is going to be. They want more than just a blurb on website. They want an engaging and immersive experience to draw them in and tell them who their provider is. 

They want a story. 

This is where a well-executed healthcare marketing video can come in. Let’s provide a fantastic example done by the folks at Centura Health.

Doctors and surgeons can often take on this mythic presence. This video, however, brings Dr. Sun down to the patient’s level in a very empathetic and approachable way. It answers the very reasonable and practical question: when did you decide to become a doctor? 

Centura also created a series of vignettes featuring their Docs answering these questions that were presented across their social channels. 

Telling your own story and and making your own people more empathetic is always a winning strategy. Video is by far the greatest tool to accomplish this task, be it through interviews or more narrative endeavors. 

We are Passionate about Telling Brand Stories through Video

Pat Your Own Back

When crafting your healthcare video marketing message, it is very important to tell stories related to your brand’s successes. Consumers want to know that they are going to the best, so share your accolades in the most engaging way possible. 

Here is an example that the Mayo Clinic did showcasing the groundbreaking work they did surrounding the world’s first face transplant:

I am sure that there were many articles published surrounding this process and treatment. However, creating a branded documentary is a the ideal way to way engage your audience while conveying all of the information about your brand. PR releases can certainly get the job done, but nothing gets the emotion across like a well-produced video. In fact, viewers retain 95% of a message when they view it in a video, compared to when they read it in text (Insivia)

Think Outside the Box

Healthcare doesn’t haven’t to be dry and traditional. In fact, we believe that it should be treated as something just as lively and approachable as anything in the retail space. Consumers have choice when it comes to their healthcare and they want their solutions to reflect their values and lifestyles.

As such, healthcare brands should view their video marketing as an opportunity to introduce livelier content to their ecosystem. Yet again, we turn to Memorial Sloan Kettering for inspiration.

The introduction of motion graphics, typography, and design made the Memorial Sloan Kettering brand instantly more approachable. Healthcare doesn’t have to be smiling docs and patients. It can still be warm and hopeful while going outside the bounds of traditional healthcare norms. And Healthcare Video Marketing is an ideal medium to help you explore. 

Immerse Your Audience

Most often, the consumer will heavily research the doctor, treatment, or procedure they or their loved one will choose. This is simply human nature. Curiosity or a desire to have as much information as possible is their right as the patient. As marketers in the healthcare space, it is imperative that we do our best to provide as much comfort and empathy as possible in our materials and content. 

One new medium at our disposal has been the advent of immersive video. Immersive video or 360 video allows the viewer to be placed at a particular location and have an opportunity to have a 360-degree view of a particular setting. 

In this particular instance, that setting is an operating room.

These immersive videos have the ability to give patients a preview into what is in-store for them once they arrive at the hospital for their procedures. 360-degree video can be a tremendous tool that bridges the gap between video production and educational content and should be utilized to educate as well as engage audiences. 

In Conclusion

Video marketing has tremendous opportunities to elevate the arena of healthcare marketing. By introducing the possibilities that exist through storytelling, motion graphics, testimonial content, and new technologies like 360-video, marketers are sure to be able to reach new audiences like never before. 

Venture is eager to work with you to help develop a working and long-lasting strategy for your brand. If you have any questions or would like to begin discussing how a video marketing agency can work for your brand, reach out to us today.

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