Video Marketing for Cybersecurity

How to Use Video for Cyber Security Companies

Cyber Security Video to Inform and Engage

The Cyber Security industry has seen a tremendous amount of growth within the last few years. Whether it is due to growth in industries like IOT or the increase foreign cyber crime, the trend shows no sign of slowing. Cyber attacks are a harmful reality for all organizations; large and small. As such, Cyber Security organizations must market their products and services in a way that is helpful, direct, and engaging. Cyber Security Video is an ideal way to market these services as video can achieve several key objectives.

  1. It can explain complex terminology and processes in a visual way.
  2.  It can tell a story to help explain the need for a product.
  3. Cyber Security video can build a community around single goal.
We will layout several cases in which video marketing and video production is helping brands within the Cyber Security field target their audiences. 
These examples span many different budgets-levels, audience segments, and platforms. But, that is what makes video so great. It is a flexible medium that allows a brand to meet their audience where they live and when they want to buy. 

Speak to Your Customers

You can advocate for yourself or proclaim that your service is the best around until you are blue in the face. But, nothing will ever carry as much clout as a direct testimonial from a first-hand customer.
Customer testimonial videos are worth their weight in gold. Particularly when you can showcase that your product or service covers a wide and diverse array of clientele. Such is the case with McAfee and their “Voice of the Customer” video series on YouTube.

A college, a gaming company, and a butter manufacturer: talk about a diverse group of clients! By featuring your client’s directly speaking to your benefits, you gain credibility in the marketplace in a way no self-made declarations can. 

Keep Your Audience Updated on the Latest in Industry Trends

As experts, your audience expect you to keep up on the latest trends in the industry. Video is an ideal medium to translate and inform your audience of those trends. 

It is important to know that nearly 60% of executives say that they would rather watch a video than read text (wordstream). 

Often these videos do not need to be huge productions. But, rather, simple executions wherein your team has candid drop-ins on-camera to explain trends. 

The team at Fire Eye does a fantastic job on this via their YouTube channel and their “State of the Hack” series.  

Simply and straightforward. 

These videos also do a fantastic job of up-selling your prospects and existing customers on new offerings and potential threats in the marketplace. 

We are Passionate about Telling Brand Stories through Video

Weaponize your Product Through Storytelling

Cyber Security is, by no means, a dull product. If your company is positioning itself as a pile of ones and zeros that is better than the competitor’s ones and zeros, you are missing out on a great deal of potential. 

In this modern age of the internet, Cyber Security companies are protecting companies, governments and individuals from criminals, foreign governments and other bad actors on a daily basis. Without them our privacy, security, and finances would be at the ultimate risk. 

There are true bad guys out there, working day and night to attack from us and Cyber Security experts are the only ones standing between us and Them.

Norton decided to approach their video marketing like this with their campaign, The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet.

Rather than focus on themselves and their products and services, Norton chose to produce this Cyber Security video on the risks that exist in the world. They want their customers and prospects to know that there are people who live, day-in and out, focused on exploiting vulnerabilities in our digital infrastructures.  

Educate Your Audience in the Basics

Your audience may not always have the high-level of product or environment sophistication as you do. As such, it makes sense to go back to the basics. 

Internet Security company, Kaspersky does this with their YouTube series, “Internet Safety 101.

Both the copywriting and the motion graphics make this video very approachable. The video marketing series offers a fantastic introduction into the subject of Cyber Security. However, from there one can easily continue on to much more in-depth pieces of content. 

Wrapping Up: Cyber Security Video

Cyber Security Video Marketing is a fantastic way to engage your target audience. Whether it be through storytelling, product videos, or other means. Video has tremendously higher engagement rates than any other form of content. Thus, it makes perfect sense to utilize when trying to build an audience or move an existing one to action.

At Venture we would love to work with you to strategize the ideal path for your Cyber Security organization. Reach out today and let’s talk more!

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